And The Golden Globes 2024 Winner For Best Glowing Skin Goes To LYMA

Hollywood just hosted the finest red carpet celebrity beauty looks yet.

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08.01.24 (Updated 08.01.24)

Acting performances aside, when it comes to the Golden Globes, most of us are wholly focused on the stars’ red carpet fashion, grooming, hair and beauty. But all the best Golden Globes beauty looks start with great skin, which is why those in the glow enlist world-class estheticians to help them prepare for flawless, lit-from-within skin.

The secret to Hollywood skin care

Joanna Czech, aka the doyenne of beautiful skin, is the busiest facialist during awards season. Her talent for achieving a natural brow lift, coaxing out voluminous cheekbones and creating the sleekest of jawlines, has made her one of Hollywood's most sought after estheticians. Normally based between Dallas and New York where she has her two studios, Czech takes up residence in LA for the Golden Globes, so her loyal list of A-list can sneak some extra time with her. “Everyone wants beautifully even, hydrated skin and a sculpted face as a great base for their makeup,” says Joanna Czech.

A host of red carpet favorites slinked into the top secret LYMA x Joanna Czech Golden Globes Pop-up to have their skin artfully sculpted, energized and lit up from within by the LYMA Laser.

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Hollywood's favorite skincare prep tool

Even skin tone, hydrated skin, and a sculpted face are the key to a great base for makeup, that’s why skin prep prior to special events is crucial. “The reason why the LYMA Laser is an amazing treatment ahead of major events, and why it’s a great treatment prior to makeup application, is that the LYMA Laser offers all of this. Since using it, my clients have noticed brighter skin, increased skin elasticity, controlled rosacea, and reduced pore size and fine lines, making the LYMA Laser the perfect tool for the perfect base,” says Czech.

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LYMA x Joanna Czech Red Carpet Facial

The 2024 Golden Globes sees the launch of the LYMA x Joanna Czech Red Carpet Facial, the unique collaboration of the world’s most talented facialist with the world’s most powerful zero damage laser.

Designed by the skin expert herself, the custom LYMA X Joanna Czech Red Carpet Facial incorporates Joanna’s renowned massage techniques with the LYMA world-first laser technology. Joanna begins her customised LYMA treatment with a sculpting and lifting manual massage, followed by exfoliation and a combination of targeted serums chosen for their skin's needs on that day. Afterwards, the LYMA Laser is used to improve skin elasticity, reduce pigmentation, brighten and push skincare products more deeply into the skin. Each facial is completely unique to her clients’ skin concerns and will then offer additional skin therapies including ultrasound, oxygen infusion and intensive face masks. Every facial finishes with rejuvenating light therapy.

“It’s a truly unique skin experience and addresses all of the individual’s needs,” Czech explains.

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The professional’s skin device of choice

Despite having every hi-tech skin tool available to her, Joanna Czech remains a huge advocate of the LYMA Laser. “On the red carpet, you want to feel and look your best, and so much of that is how you feel in your own skin. Preparation is everything. The LYMA Laser is my go-to device for my most celebrated clients. The Laser has the power to give an instant glow, reduce redness and deliver firmer, tighter skin. For both special events and for long term skin transformations, the LYMA Laser is an absolute must for myself, and my clients.”

Czech has been a pioneer in bringing the LYMA Laser into her professional skin treatments and developing her own signature skin transforming moves with it. Unlike all other clinic grade lasers, the red carpet-worthy LYMA Laser doesn’t harm or disrupt skin in any way, so it can be used on the day of an event to sculpt, brighten, plump and create an immaculate canvas right before applying make-up. Indeed, many other dermatologists have followed Czech's lead and created their own LYMA Laser facial protocols.

LYMA brings red carpet skin to everyone

Getting an appointment with Czech is worth the world but whilst you’re working your way up the waitlist, she recommends starting your skin journey with the LYMA Laser.

“Laser technology is incredible at rejuvenating the skin on a cellular level, giving results that topical treatments alone cannot achieve, and until LYMA launched its Laser, it was only available in clinics. There are billions of cells in the dermis which degenerate over time and the LYMA Laser reverses this process by repairing the cells. It reaches the deepest layers of the skin, including fat and muscle, which is why I recommend it for all my clients no matter their age,” she explains.

“The LYMA Laser is the most effective skin care tool that I know of that’s suitable for at-home use. In my 37 years of experience, I have never seen anything so powerful, or able to deliver such amazing results. With it, you can bring salon skin treatments into your home” Top Celebrity facialist, Joanna Czech

Adopting a daily habit of gliding the Laser over your face improves skin elasticity, reduces pigmentation, sharpens contours and supercharges your luxury skincare, making it work harder for you. You don’t have to be an expert esthetician to use it either, the LYMA Laser is simple, freestyle and can be done anywhere you are. Combine daily dermatology with your professional skin treatment and you’ll be gathering the glowing skin awards too.

How to get Golden Globes skin at home

For luminous skin leading up to any event, Joanna Czech has developed the ultimate daily skin ritual using the LYMA Laser at-home.

  1. Always start with the LYMA Oxygen Mist. I use about six sprays.

  2. Follow this with two pumps of LYMA Oxygen Glide. Apply with a nice press and release motion.

  3. Turn the Laser on. I use very slow movements for about 10 minutes on one side of my face. 10 minutes on the other, and another 10 minutes on my neck. If I treat a particular area - for instance my crow's feet - make sure you are holding it directly at the area that you are addressing. I'd hold it for about five minutes.

  4. Rub three pumps of LYMA Serum between your fingertips, then massage into your skin using gentle.

  5. Once fully absorbed, follow with three pumps of LYMA Cream, massaging gently into the face and neck.


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