The Iván Pol Beauty Sandwich® Powered By LYMA

How LYMA just became the BLT (Best Laser Treatment) in Ivan Pol’s Beauty Sandwich®.

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It’s summer, it’s the Hamptons, it’s everything great in life. And now, Iván Pol has set up salon in a private residence, nestled deep in leafy Long Island with a brand-new update on his iconic Beauty Sandwich treatment. (Warning, the waitlist is already out the door, so pull every social string and bribe whoever you can to get in there.)

Word’s already spread

Iván Pol has fast become a modern icon, and with good reason. Evidence of the incredible megawatt skin he creates is on every red carpet and runway. His signature move is the ‘inverted pyramid of youth’ - a slim lower face, defined jawline and full voluminous cheekbones never better displayed than on Ana De Armas or the near feline bone structure of Elsa Hosk.

In a puffed up world of injectables and fillers, Iván Pol is the standout sculptor of skin. With a strict, ‘no fillers, no Injectables, no retinol’ rule, Ivan has no time for face invaders, “I use technology and massage to elevate, define and streamline a face - as opposed to augmenting it. For me, it's about enhancing what’s already there and carving out those natural contours.” Eschewing all harsh and invasive techniques, he prefers the nontoxic alternative of manually chiseling out cheekbones and smoothing sleek jawlines back into existence. In fact, Iván Pol all-but invented the current fervor for “snatched skin”, referring to defined, sculpted skin with an inbuilt luminosity.

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What is the Beauty Sandwich?

Though always a tailor-made treatment for the individual's skin needs, Iván Pol’s much-coveted Beauty Sandwich® is a hi-tech multimodality facial treatment whereby layers of radio-frequency and infrared-light machines are employed with the utmost of nourishing oils to lift the skin. Ivan combines radiofrequency wands, vacuum suction guns and red light tools with intentional physical massage for the perfect modern sculpting facial. His unique talent for carving contours, even achieving a remarkable natural brow lift, has made him one of the most sought after aestheticians across the globe.

The Beauty Sandwich gets a whole new slice

While the Iván Pol Beauty Sandwich has always included cutting edge skin tools, it's never featured a laser. With so many of his clients being of varying ethnicities and darker skin tones, (Iván is the go-to aesthetician for Salma Hayek Pinault, Penelope Cruz, Laura Harrier and Zoe Kravitz), he says he can never risk damaging their skin through post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. “Many of my clients have melanin-rich skin that lasers cannot treat or are too dangerous to do so. Also when you’re preparing skin for the red carpet that same day, anything that causes thermal damage or risk of inflammation simply isn’t a viable option.”

Until now. For the first time, and only this summer during his Hamptons pop up, Iván Pol is updating his Beauty Sandwich to include the unrivaled regenerative power of The LYMA Laser. The Beauty Sandwich Powered by LYMA will include LYMA’s clinic-grade near infra-red 500mW Laser. 100 x more powerful and penetrative than standard LED devices, yet with zero heat or thermal insult, the LYMA Laser is a monochromatic, coherent, polarized light delivering undiminished laser energy to all layers of the skin, fat and even to the muscle tissue beneath. The absorption of this energy by skin, fat and muscle cells triggers the regenerative cycle which causes tissue to repair itself. The Laser treats all manner of skin woes including wrinkles, scarring, irregular pigmentation and inflammation as well as increasing cellular energy so skin rejuvenates and speed makes more collagen. And since there is no damage to the skin on any level whatsoever, the Laser is completely safe for all skin tones, including those more susceptible to scarring. Finally a fully inclusive, truly revolutionary technology that pigment-rich skin can benefit from too.


3 Reasons Ivan Pol just updated his Beauty Sandwich

Q. The Beauty Sandwich is already such a phenomenon, why bring in the LYMA Laser?

“I love hi-tech modalities and always stay at the edge of scientific innovation, which is precisely why I believe we no longer need to be invasive to get incredible results. Radiofrequency is amazing for sculpting and tightening the skin but where the LYMA Laser differs, is in its unique ability to transfer powerful laser light energy to the skin cells to change the behavior of skin. Suddenly skin repairs, regenerates and rebuilds collagen like it used to years ago. This is going to make the Beauty Sandwich effect even more remarkable.”

Q. How does this new LYMA Laser protocol you've designed remove the need for injectables and fillers?

“The LYMA Laser stimulates skin’s own innate collagen production so there’s no need to inject synthetic fillers into the skin. By delivering light energy into skin, it powers up cells to behave young again making skin smoother, firmer and more luminous. Skin regains its strength and resilience and the result is every bit as effective as fillers without any of the harm.”

Q. How does the LYMA Laser create better facial contours and definition?

“The LYMA Laser has been proven to kickstart skin’s production of collagen. It also improves the texture, unifies tone and returns those gorgeous facial contours back into prominence. By gliding the Laser under the cheekbones, along the jaw and over the forehead, both instantaneously and over time we will see an impressive plumping action, sculpted bone structure and a sleeker more defined jawline.”

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All the fillings: a step by step protocol of the Beauty Sandwich Powered By LYMA

Although thoughtfully curated to suit each individual’s needs, every treatment entails these essential elements:

  • Working methodically with a slim radio-frequency wand, Ivan exerts heated pressure on different parts of the face to improve skin texture and plumpness.
  • A second hand-held radio-frequency device is moved with tiny vacuum-like sucking motions along the jaw, cheekbones and hairline, lifting the skin further.
  • Then comes the regeneration part. The LYMA Laser glides slowly over the facial contours, penetrating deep down into the lowest layers of skin, reaching cells and recharging their energy centers. Ivan achieves optimal results by focusing the Laser; holding it stationary on the apples of the cheeks to build more collagen, under the chin bone to smooth out and define the jawline and working in upwards sweeps of the neck to strengthen skin against sagging.
  • To maximize this process, Iván is using the Laser alongside the LYMA Oxygen Mist and Glide to flood the skin with oxygen and immunity boosting beta glucans.

Finally, Iván applies his much-lauded Secret Sauce - a beautiful blend of natural agents that improve cell turnover and leave skin thoroughly nourished and gleaming with health.

Join the club sandwich

Those quick enough to nab a new The Beauty Sandwich Powered By LYMA facial appointment over the next month, will experience some of the new LYMA Skincare. LYMA Serum and Cream are breakthrough epigenetic skincare products able to penetrate deeper through the skin’s dermal layers than previously thought possible, delivering patented actives proven to fundamentally change skin’s genetic aging process. Deemed ‘the world’s best performing face cream’ LYMA Skincare will continue Ivan’s artistry to prolong that great, gleaming sandwich snatched skin all summer long.


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