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Enter the new era of epigenetics and you can change your genetic future.

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The science is in; our DNA destinies are not set in stone and it’s absolutely possible to change your biological age. Our genetics remain the blueprint of our health but hey, plans change.

Research shows that we are a decade older than our parents were at the same age. As a headline, that doesn’t sound great, but modern living has us aging faster and amassing more chronic diseases than any generation before us. “It’s a common misconception that life expectancy throughout the past century has continually increased when in fact, since 2020, life expectancy has been going nowhere but backwards,” explains world-leading clinical Pharmacologist, Pharmaco-nutritionist and longevity expert, Professor Paul Clayton.

“Life expectancy fell first in the US and then in Great Britain too, and it’s no coincidence that these are the two countries with the greatest penetration of ultra-processed foods (UPF).”

“UPFs accelerate the aging process and are implicated in raising the risk of Type 2 diabetes and other age-related conditions. Statistics are elusive creatures and if you remove the figures for infant mortality (which thanks to modern medical science has plummeted), the life expectancy for a person aged 60 in 1900, is not very different from where it is today.”

6 steps to changing your genetic future

Rather than wallow in the malaise of our modern pitfalls, Professor Clayton tells us there are “Small sparks of light in the dark night,” and those are the ones we should follow.

“We have to be evidence based, if we’re not, what we’re doing is not science, it’s marketing and there’s enough of that. There is really good science out there; a lot of it is hard to access and hard to understand but our job as medical experts is to find the good stuff that will genuinely help.”

Which is exactly why LYMA assembled a world-class panel of medical experts to convey what we can all do to future-proof our bodies and minds, prolong our health spans and rewind the clock on aging.

1. Put on your best genes; epigenetics

The genetic hand of cards you are given at conception is the one you remain with but the way in which they function during your life, is far from set. Epigenetics is the science of how the activity of your genes fluctuates in response to external factors; including food, stress levels, hormones, pollution, even your workout regime.

“Epigenetics is a buffering system between your genes which are unchangeable and your environment which is completely changeable,” explains Professor Clayton. “Epigenetics is important because it takes your genetic potential and describes how well you can express it and whether that potential will be realized.

“You cannot change your genes, but pioneering research shows that you can change their condition and the way they function, and this can then modify the aging process considerably.”

We see epigenetic aging in action on a daily basis in skin. Impacted by both extrinsic and intrinsic aging factors, skin becomes less resilient, more fragile and visibly presents in fine lines, wrinkles and sagging. From intensive scientific research and investigation of epigenetic changes and the activity of genes, LYMA has engineered the most advanced epigenetic skincare formula in existence, breakthrough epigenetic technology able to reverse the 8-mechanisms of aging. Clinical investigation of the LYMA Skin System; a combinatorial approach of patented skincare actives and near infrared low-level laser therapy, showed that all genes involved in expressing or developing proteins that rebuild and regenerate the skin become activated, and all the genes known to be involved in degrading it are downgraded. Results of the LYMA Skin System also demonstrated telomeres in skin cells becoming longer and the numbers of mitochondria in those cells doubling.

“We are triggering a phenomenon called mitochondrial biogenesis, so the cells now have more energy to work with and look more like they did when you were much younger - and so does your skin,” says Prof. Paul Clayton. “No one has done anything quite like this before.”

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2. Put out the fires; anti-inflammatory interventions

One of the hottest topics in medical science today is the Grand Unified Theory of Disease, which finds that nearly all disease is caused by chronic inflammation. But not all inflammation is the same; it’s important to differentiate between the acute and the chronic. “The acute inflammatory state is vital in protecting us from adverse events, infections and tissue injury - our reparative processes depend on it. But a chronic inflammatory state is the complete opposite and highly detrimental to our health,” explains Dr Graeme Glass, Craniofacial, Aesthetic and Plastic Surgeon and Associate Professor of Clinical Surgery.

“Chronic inflammation triggers adverse bacterial changes and the circulation of toxic proteins in the gut microbiome which are highly disadvantageous and affect our epigenetic health in an adverse way.”

Chronic inflammation also drives the destruction of the Extracellular Matrix; an organ in its own right consisting of 300+ different microfibers that run throughout the body, holding our cells together. Among these 300+ fibers are collagen and elastin, which are important for plump, bouncy, glowing skin.

“Stop chronic inflammation in the skin and you see vast epigenetic improvements”, advocates Dr Glass.

“There is good evidence that both the highly advanced actives formulated in LYMA Skincare and the near infrared light in the LYMA Laser, modulate the inflammatory response and when skin cells are free from being chronically impaired, they start to carry out processes as they should.”

And when it comes to supplementing against chronic inflammation, LYMA is in a league of its own with a formula of anti-inflammatory and immunity boosting compounds. Containing ten patented, peer-reviewed ingredients, the LYMA Supplement is proven to tackle inflammaging throughout every organ of the body.

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3. Fight and flight; a non-sedentary lifestyle

We might all feel like everyone is lycra clad and flocking to the latest cult gym but WHO statistics show that the global population isn't moving nearly enough. “We are getting more sedentary and heavier, although lately, levels of human activity appear to have bottomed out,” warns Professor Clayton. “VR immersive video computer games may be contributing to activity levels starting to rise from this historically low point but we are probably the least physically active generation of humans that has ever lived and we pay a metabolic price for that.” It seems we should, quite literally, run for our lifespans.

Exercise is part of the epigenetic landscape as an extrinsic factor acting up on our gene expression,” explains Dr Tamsin Lewis who trained as a medical doctor at Guys and St Thomas’ in London, before obtaining a BSc in neuroscience and the biology of aging and has since set up a revered wellness focused medical practice known as Wellgevity. “If we exercise every day, evidence shows our organs function better when the body has been active.”

MenaQ7® Matrix complex formulated at 75µg in the gold standard LYMA Supplement supports the positive uptake of calcium into the bloodstream. When calcium reaches the bone mass and muscles efficiently, the body is able to remain strong and supple, no matter how hard a workout it’s put through. Clinical results of MenaQ7® Matrix show reduced delayed onset muscle soreness, faster physical recovery time, improved endurance and fewer injuries.

4. Power eating; back to basics

Nutritional intake is fundamental to living younger and requires holistic changes in how to feed and fuel the body. “We can’t all be over fasting and underfueling consistently because all our bodies tissues are made of amino acids, fats and proteins, so there’s a lot that needs to be changed,” says Dr Tam. “The quality of our food really matters; it should be well-sourced, organic and nutrient dense. As does the quality of our water intake to be filtered and ideally not in plastic bottles.”

What's in nutritional vogue seems to change as fast as the fashion pages but worldwide and throughout history, meat consumption has been associated with longevity. “I do not advocate a vegetarian diet because as we age we need to maintain muscle mass to become antifragile and we need a significant amount of amino acids in order to drive muscle protein synthesis that keeps us strong,” says Dr Tam. “Different diets work because none of us are made the same, so we must become more prescriptive to what our cells need. How we extract and metabolize nutrients from our food, impacts gut health and a diverse gut microbiome is essential. We don't fully know yet how to build that, but what we do know is that additives in ultra-processed food carry a toxicity that might have a suicidal effect on your gut micobiome.”

“There’s such a level of disnutrition at the moment by people who are not eating properly or enough and just relying on marketing to sweep them through life”

LYMA Founder Lucy Goff

Which is why she insisted on highly specialized Wellmune® Blend prebiotic formulated into the LYMA Supplement. Supported by twenty peer-reviewed studies, when consumed, it’s taken up in the intestines where cells called macrophages ingest the beta glucan 1-3, 1-6 and deliver it to organs, optimizing gut health and bolstering immune function throughout the body.

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5. “ROXANNE” put on the red light; tune up your mitochondria

As we age, mitochondrial function declines and skin is unable to heal as quickly, loses elasticity, its tone becomes uneven, pigmentation amasses, and wrinkles and fine lines start to form. There’s a wealth of scientific evidence that near-infrared laser therapy impacts mitochondrial function in human tissue and cells. This body of evidence was then used to sell LEDs because they have the same wavelength as laser light, and are much cheaper. Sadly, they don’t work. “Evidence shows LED based light energy drops off exponentially as it passes within the first few micrometers of tissue and the energy is so low that it probably doesn’t do anything at all below surface level,” explains Dr Graeme Glass.

The LYMA Laser is nothing like LED. The near infrared laser beam inside the LYMA Laser has 100x more biological power in the dermis (the base layer of your skin) than near infrared LED, delivering a transformational healing effect that LEDs cannot achieve. The LYMA Laser is also 250x more powerful than any other at home laser, the first FDA cleared clinic grade laser ever approved for use at home, putting a whole new category of power in your hands.

“To rebuild the ECM which is in the dermis, the metabolically active part of the skin, we have to positively influence the epigenome of the cells that help build it and there is very good evidence that near infrared laser light can do this,” says Dr Glass.

The LYMA Laser’s 500-milliwatt beam is powerful enough to travel through all layers of the skin, reaching the cells where it redirects gene expression towards renewal, amps up ATP and travels directly into the skin cells to switch their mitochondrial activity energy centers back on. This in turn, optimizes production of collagen and elastin to strengthen the extracellular matrix, providing improved structural support for tighter, more sculpted skin. “Due to its uniquely polarized, coherent and monochromatic wavelength formation, to penetrate the deepest layers of the skin, completely remodeling and rebuilding it from the base layer up, without losing any power along the way.”

6. Say a little prayer; stress reduction

A significant scientific revelation of longevity research is that emotional unrest can lead to physical illness. Emotional stress causes physical stress in the body, which in turn stores it as trauma; this then causes inflammation which compromises the immune system, affects brain function, exacerbates our propensity  for disease and accelerates skin aging. However, given the right tools and technologies in daily life, the stress aging process is modifiable and all can be turned around. “The dynamism of gene expression is fascinating and quick, making offsetting the life we live such an exciting field. “You can de-age in days,” explains Dr Tam. “Think about when you go on holiday and come back looking rested, that’s DNA methylation in action, that’s epigenetic processing and de-stressing.”

The LYMA Supplement is clinically proven to regulate the body’s stress hormone cortisol, and research shows it can help with several subsets of mental health including depression, anxiety, and insomnia as well as somatic and social dysfunction.

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The epigenetic influence of LYMA

“Through the LYMA journey, I’ve been fortunate enough to be privy to incredible expert knowledge and experience first hand, what an impact living younger can have. The LYMA ethos has always been proving the best science and harnessing the most advanced technology, so we can create the most powerful products possible. LYMA has always stayed true to what we can deliver and now with our unique epigenetic research, we are helping people with the wider problems they’re facing.”

LYMA is resetting the epigenetic clock. Conducting world-first clinical testing that demonstrates the incredible biological change its Skin System has in the dermis. The genetic transcription data proves that LYMA reverses biological skin age in 4 weeks. “These results are ground-breaking. We all age as time passes, but it’s very clear that the rate at which you experience that is completely malleable. We now have a set of tools that we can use to achieve just that’, confirms Professor Clayton. “We are rewriting the textbooks at this point, redrafting the rules and reversing aging in the most fundamental way.”

Living younger is about leading your best possible life, no matter your age bracket. LYMA offers the power to decide your future and stay great.



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